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Sometimes in life we encounter many situations that may interfere with your plans, but we can’t let this stop us!

Hi, I’m Jenniffer Firpo.

I’m a career marketing and advertising executive who started out in corporate but left my big-time position to launch my own agency called JVsion Advertising, you can check it out when you have time. 


"Coaching is a profession of love. You can’t coach people unless you love them."

Right now, let me tell you more about my background and why I also started a personal brand dedicated to helping people like myself follow their dreams. 

Not too long ago, the summer of 2019 to be exact, after successfully managing the pitch of a video campaign to one of my biggest clients, I decided to quit my job. More than feeling ready to go at it on my own, I was ready to leave the old mentality of the corporate that kept pulling me down. 

For reference, I’m an immigrant whose second language is English. Coming to the United States at the age of 20 left me with a disadvantage, a very strong Spanish accent. Although I graduated from a U.S. college with honors, the last job I had told me repeatedly that I wasn’t going to succeed in business because no one could understand me. 

Here I am now working every day to prove them wrong! 

Unfortunately, soon after, the 2020 pandemic affected my dreams. I was having a very hard time gaining clients. That said, while many would take this as a disadvantage or get discouraged, it made me work even harder to demonstrate what I am capable of.

I made the decision to offer my services online as well and convert my agency into a digital platform. Although many steps had to be taken, slowly and steadily I saw my experience and hard work pay off. I spent all my workdays getting new clients, researching for new prospects, building up strong relationships with my clients, learning as much as I could, and making sure I was delivering high-quality work. 

Since then, I not only have a handful of impeccable clients, I’ve also started helping people in my shoes. Those like you, like me, want guidance and assurance overcoming the battle of starting a business. 

Image by Floriane Vita

I’m So Happy That You Are Here, And I Can’t Wait To See Where You Go in Life. 

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